Friday, July 9, 2010


Went for a routine check-up today and we got a surprise. The midwife was feeling around on my tummy and said she was 95% sure that she was feeling Audrey's head down in my pelvis area but she wanted to do an ultrasound just to make sure. The 5% won and she was incorrect - Audrey is breech! This is not a huge deal and she would normally have plenty of time for turning IF I had normal fluid levels. The fluid levels are supposed to be between 5 - 25 and the ultrasound showed that mine was at 6.4 - which is a little scary by itself since it means she doesn't have a lot of cushion inside and can easily get into a position where she is clamping down on the cord - but this also means there is a slim chance she will turn herself or be turned by other means since there is a lack of goods to make her float in there. BUT I am going to try to get her to turn and continue with our original plan. They told me to drink LOTS and LOTS to increase fluid levels - like up to a gallon and a half a day - phew! - if fluid levels go up they may be able to turn her manually - eek sounds scary and I've heard that could be painful. I can also try swimming, which will make her more floaty and light or I can try going to a chiropractor to do something called the Webster Technique - they will try to adjust my ligaments to encourage her to turn. I also had to do a Fetal Non-Stress Test which monitored her heartbeat and movements for a while with a belt around my tummy and the results were good and she is healthy and doing fine. We go back for an ultrasound next Wednesday (7/14) and if she hasn't turned and my fluid levels are still down they will schedule a c-section for late next week or early the following week. This news had me quite bummed but I am finding peace in the bright side of a cesarean and knowing that my plans are not always what God has planned for me. Audrey and I are both healthy and that is all that matters!

Bright Side:


Decisions Made - We (I - the husband is too easy going) struggled making the decision about where to have Audrey - Birthing Center or hospital? Drugs or natural? All that worry may be decided for me!

No labor and no hurting oonie (good point from Auntie Alli) - WOOHOO!! Nuf said!

Wait Staff - having a natural birth could mean a super fast recovery and no sympathy - if you can birth a baby without drugs than by all means you better be up off that couch the next day doing dishes and laundry (not really but I may have expected that from myself a little) - With a C-section I'll have husband, hospital staff, Mom, Dad, Family, and friends all waiting on my every need and all I have to do is love on Audrey and feel entitled!! AND, the pampering begins NOW - I'm supposed to be still, rest, and drink lots of fluids - the couch and I will be doing some major bonding!

Round non-pointy head (hee hee - thanks Amy for that excellent point!)

Preparedness - knowing what is going to happen takes a load off and we can be better prepared. I can stop doing small loads of laundry just to make sure all the laundry is done if I go into labor and I can stop doing dishes 49 times a day in case we have to leave the house in a hurry - pretty sure I've had a major case of nesting in wanting everything in the house to be perfect for when she gets here. However, I could still go into labor which could happen at any time but still knowing what is going to happen at that point is a pretty good feeling.

Sympathy diaper bag from hubby...the expensive one I really wanted ;)

Although I am sad at the news today and I do realize recovery from a c-section is tough, I will continue to think of the positive things and all my blessings. And I will continue to patiently wait for the arrival of our baby girl - the outcome is the same no matter what way!

A grasp seeking strength
a sign searching for relief
a labor toiling to its end
For a tiny body, wrinkled and wet meets
a touch exploring new skin
a kiss expressing new affection
a whisper promising tomorrow
a tear blurring bittersweet joy
As the thundering peace of Birth
...suspends time
-Author Unknown

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Gower Shower

Sweet, Sweet Sister-in-Law, Meg, threw me a spectacular shower! What a beautiful and perfect day! Not only did she work her hiney off for my special day but she goes out of her way pretty much everyday to do something sweet for me - late night tv watching, cupcakes at the front door, lotsa free lunches, packing boxes, saving us from becoming the next family on the Hoarders show, breakfast and flowers for move-in day, indulging my cravings, an ear for my indecisiveness, etc, etc, etc...I don't deserve her! When I married Evan, I got the best husband and an awesome sister!

The gals hangin on the couch - Crystal, Jessica, Erica,Me, Leslie, and Megan - I'm amazed everyday at how blessed I am with such wonderful people in my life who take such good care of me and make me feel so special!

They decorated onesies for Baby Audrey and they turned out so cute! I only got to pick one favorite for the prize and it was a hard decision but I chose the one with the tutu made by Jamie Legg! Can't wait to see Audrey's sweet little booty in it!

Audrey's GREAT Aunt Vicki and gma Momschelle - probably gossiping...

Friday, July 2, 2010

Dad Life

My sister-in-law, Memry, sent me this video and I could not stop cracking up!! I really hope Evan turns out just like this!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hello Family!

The family came into town for one last hoorah before the big event! It was so good to see them and the house just felt complete at full capacity! We spent the day shopping for the Pack N Play and Stroller/Car Seat - Thanks Mom & Dad and Mammaw!

My momma, Mammaw, and Aunt Vicki
My super sweet awesome friend Megan came to visit too!! Not sure how she handled this crazy bunch!
THE "World's Greatest Grandpa" - it says so on the shirt so it's true!!

Daddy putting together the pack n play - I will tell no one that after he was finished I had to go and fix the parts he put in backwards...someone doesn't like to follow through with instructions....I love that boy!

Poppy sitting outside in a lightning storm - we chose to watch from indoors...

BEFORE - Mess & Chaos

AFTER - Stroller/Car Seat & Pack N Play