Thursday, September 30, 2010

2+ Months Old & ONE Tear

We went to the Dr. yesterday for the much dreaded SHOTS appointment along with a 2 month checkup - only slightly a couple weeks after she turned 2 months old! I've been dreading this appointment for weeks and weeks only for them to keep moving the appointment further and further away! I blubbered all morning worrying about them hurting my sweet little baby and teared up the whole appointment. You see, this was going to be the first time we see tears from those precious little eyes. She's a pretty happy girl and is quickly calmed when she is upset but I had been noticing her eyes welling up pretty quickly lately. Evan felt so bad for me that he purposely lost a bet with me so that I would win a new pair of shoes! It didn't feel as good to win once I knew he did it on purpose, but I'll still take the shoes :) And the ones I picked aren't even going to be for me - he didn't specify WHO they had to be for so this is what I picked - Keep her tootsies warm in the cold weather that is coming!

Okay okay I strayed from my story...Sooo I was blubbering anticipating all the tears that I knew were coming. She was cooing and smiley and looking at me like I was crazy. The Doc came in and was doing the normal checking up stuff - head, nose, booty, and then when he was looking in her ears she got extremely upset and there I saw it - ONE tear sliding down her cheek which I quickly wiped away. I was devastated. I knew it was going to be bad if only looking in her ears made her that upset. The appointment ended, the nurse came in with the shots, more blubbering from Mommy. I turned away and let Daddy hold her while they poked her and then it was over! She did a sad little silent cry for a few seconds but as soon as Daddy picked her up and held her she was fine! The little sweetie was fine and is still fine. She was happy and smiling and cooing at us on the way out of the doctor's office. Overall, I cried more than she did. But, isn't that what Mommies do?

What my little peanut is like in the 2 month era:

10 lbs. 11 oz.

22 in. long

Smiling tons! - almost to laughter

Loves her tummy play gym, swing, and bouncy seat - all equipped with catchy tunes ;)

Becoming more scheduled - eating more fewer times (might be speaking too soon) and sleeping longer, fewer naps

Smooth transition to her own room - WOOHOOO!!!! She goes to bed between 8-9 and wakes up around 3 and then back to bed until 7-8. The 5 hour stretches are becoming more frequent at night and much enjoyed by Mum and Dad! HOWEVER, I still don't sleep well. I'm sure it's just these first nights getting used to the monitor (and of course, Dad had to get one of those high-tech ones with the video camera so I'm able to WATCH her). I'm always wondering - "Did I turn the monitor up enough? What if it went off? What if it stopped working? Oh, she's waking up. I better not get too sleepy." And of course, I sit there and watch her and am getting only a few hours of sleep by the time the night is over. But also, after I do sleep for a few hours I find myself waking up and watching the monitor simply because I can't wait for her to wake up so I can see her and cuddle her again!

*I wrote the above a couple weeks ago on her actual 2 month birthday and she has since slept through the night once!! but has been waking up around 4am the past few nights! Woohoo! I think we are almost there! In the mornings when she wakes up she is just as happy as can be smiling, cooing, and playing all by herself. I am awakened by the sound of her coos rather than crying which is so sweet to hear. When I go peek in over her crib, she gives me the biggest smile and kicks her legs and waves her arms all over the place in excitement to see me! Ah, I just love it

She gets extremely angry when she has the hiccups.

She is officially a pacifier baby. She loves it. She used to suck on her hands all the time and it gets us through to the next feeding. Before the pacifier, she was eating every two hours and barely eating (pretty sure she was just using me as a pacifier) and now we are going at least 3 hrs and the Dr. wants us to try pushing it closer to 4.

Audrey has outgrown most of her newborn clothes but the next size is way too big. I pretty much just have her in pajamas all day everyday because it's getting cooler and I have no cool weather clothes that fit her.

We found out yesterday that Audrey will have a new BFF in late Feb/early March!!! Missy's growing Baby E who is now Baby Ellie!! So excited to watch her tummy grow and meet that sweet girl! I was convinced she was having a boy but then started really wishing she would have a girl so our little ladies could play together instead of awkward moments in about 13 years! And we can do girly shopping trips, and get our nails done, and compare notes when they start misbehaving! So happy for the Elrods!! Here she is practicing with my little tootie!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Where We've Been!

We traveled to Arkansas for a week to visit family and friends and to see my brother Nathan off to the Air Force. Here's Audrey with Aunt Alli at the pool. We wanted to put her in her watermelon bathing suit very much but the water was just too cold (even for me). Soooo, we enjoyed the weather, played trivial pursuit, ate pizza, and drank cokes (what a treat!)
So proud of this dude! What an awesome big brother! I'm having a hard time imagining him in basic training because I know they are probably kicking his butt and being mean which just hurts my heart, but I know he's brave and strong and can definitely handle it! The night before he hit the road to basic training we ate yummy food at Alli's and then enjoyed the cool weather on the deck - acted silly, stared at Audrey, boys played some football, hugged my brother goodbye.
My sweet, sweet friends came by to visit my little one. I'm pretty sure they are baffled that I have a real live child. I miss them.

Audrey really enjoys riding in the stroller and is getting used to riding in the car seat as well. We've been running around all over the place! In the picture above, our little family went for an evening stroll which is why she is already in her jammies. She conked out and went right to bed when we returned!
Above is one of her newborn pictures. I thought the photo shoot was a disaster since the little booger wasn't sleepy or in the mood to be posed, but it turns out we got some really cute ones!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Smiles!

So we noticed our little sweet pot was starting to smile - and not the gassy kind - real smiles at people, toys, or for just no reason at all! It just warms my heart to know that I'm raising this sweet little angel and she is a happy smiley little girl! I love all these amazing moments and watching her grow each and every day.

Here's the journey to catch one on camera and I think we've been pretty successful! Click fast over and over!!
what's going on, Mommy?
(not a smile)
There we go!!!
And another!
Daddy took some pictures while I was away getting my hair chopped off - think he was trying to prove that she's not devastated when I'm away ;)