Monday, May 24, 2010


So while Evan watches his silly shows in the evenings, I choose to fill my time shopping online! Bad idea to look up infant shoes! So cute! I'm in, you will be my new best friend!

Pampili - 181.001.349 (Infant) Pampili - 379.034 (Infant) Salt Water Sandal by Hoy Shoes - Sun-San - Sea Wees (Infant)
Ralph Lauren Layette Kids - Caliana (Infant) Robeez - Koala (Infant/Toddler) Pampili - 379.038 (Infant)
Robeez - Flitty Flight MJ (Infant) Robeez - Organic Tree (Infant) Designer's Touch Kids - Frilly (Infant)

Just because she won't be able to walk for a while doesn't mean she shouldn't have awesome shoes on her feet right?! ugh, how do I pick? I guess it's only reasonable for me to get one or two pairs...especially since some of these cost more than I spend on shoes for myself. Teeny shoes do not equal teeny prices!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Shower Time!

I have the most wonderful family and friends! This was at the shower my sister and Mommy had for me in Arkansas which was so fun! They worked so hard and we had a great time! We played awesome games, ate yummy food, opened lots of loot, and laughed a bunch!

Aunt Alli made a time capsule that Audrey and I will open together on her 18th birthday! We put pictures and memories from the shower day in the box along with a note from each person at the shower! I'm so curious to see what everyone wrote but I can't peek for another 18 years! Alli also had the most awesome diaper cake that I just don't see how I'm going to take it apart...It's just too cute! Mom made food that included all the foods on the weekly growth chart...that being said we had TONS of food and it was YUM!

One of the games we played was of course the classic melted candy bar in the diaper game! I couldn't resist this picture of my precious friends' disgusted faces!

Here's Momschelle and Condad opening their grandparents gift!

My sweet friends and sister who I miss terribly everyday! Amy, Megan, Aunt Alli, Jessica, Christa, Megan, and Liz! I love you girls!