Friday, February 11, 2011

SITTING in a Winter Funk

So it's winter. I hate winter. I hate cold. I hate ridiculous cold. I only like snow. I like cold when it snows. If it's not snowing, it better be above 80 degrees. We are stuck in the house but gladly because I hate going out in the cold. But in this Winter Funk up has sprouted a super awesome baby sitter! It's official - we have an unassisted unwobbly sitter! It is so fun to watch her sit and play with toys like a big girl! Also in this cold weather, I've been getting crafty and creative preparing for Missy's shower. And have I mentioned that I can't wait for the arrival of Audrey's BFF Ellie?! But more than that I can't wait for Missy to have that feeling - that amazing feeling when you have all the firsts with your new baby. I know she will love it and I know she knows she will love it but I just can't wait for her to know and feel it. It's amazing that love! Unbelievable, indescribable love beyond compare. And while typing this I realize that God loves me that way and it feels so good to love and be loved like that.

These are pics from Missy's shower! The owl and birdie tree - everyone left a note for Missy and Ellie on the back of them. This was my favorite project to work on.
And the cake was so cute and also delicious! BTW, thanks Jane for letting me steal your pictures. I have a pitiful camera and need a new one. wink wink hint hint. ;)

Ok you can come! We will just be waiting for you! BUT please don't come Feb 22 - 27! I will be in San Antonio, TX at Nathan's Air Force Basic Training Graduation!! YAY! This has been a long time coming! Nate's finally healed, back in training, and on track to graduate! Wahoo!! So proud of him and can't wait to see him in his uniform and all handsomed up!

BIG NEWS: Dad Daddy Evan Evie Ed Jacob Evan Gower got a job. Like a job job. Yes like a real for real go to work everyday job. This could be great or this could be disasterous. Pray for me. I will miss not having him at home all the time, not to mention that I will be late for everything without his help getting out the door. But I am proud of him and do realize that this could be a great thing. More routine for us could be just what we need. And we might have more to talk about in the evenings besides Jeopardy. He will be programming at the Publishing Group of America. He's basically a Sooper Nerd Web Geniyus ;)

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  1. Hurray for your big girl! It is so exciting when they learn something new! Next up? Crawling! Excited for Evan and his job; hope it's going well already; I'm sure this means lots of playdates for Audrey and Ellie!