Sunday, October 17, 2010

FALLing in Love!

It's Fall!!! We went to Lucky Ladd Farms with our great friends, Josh and Jamie Legg and enjoyed the weather! The air was crisp, the pumpkins were galore (and expensive - I'll buy from Walmart, thank you), and the food was delish! We visited the petting zoo (llamas!!), raced ducks, sling-shotted pumpkins, ate fried junk, got lost in a "maize," and got ideas for our future pumpkin patch/Christmas tree farm/sod farm/etc/etc/etc...We have big dreams!

The bunnies ran away from me! hmph

What a Heavenly angel this is! Love the nakeed baby rolls :)
After bath sweetie! My little bunny!
Look what I can do Mommy! Audrey LOVES this bouncy seat! If she's not in my arms, she's in this chair! Sometimes she is fussy when I'm holding her, I put her in the chair and she's happy as a clam - she wants the toys not Mommy! I was paying bills a few days ago and she was cooing and kicking in the bouncy seat and I looked over at her and she was hanging on to two of the toys! What an impressive gal!
Audrey loves watching football with Daddy! He even let her hold the remote for a little while!

I'm definitely Falling in Love with this family! It's been almost 3 months, the new feeling is wearing off but turning into days of leisure family time with just me and the honey with our little pumpkin! We are really enjoying the days of staying at home, no plans, cooking good meals, and enjoying each other's company - and I guess FOOTBALL...

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