Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Man of our House!

Can I brag on my honey?

Evan traveled to Guatemala for 10 days in November on a mission trip with his Dad (they are on the left). They worked on a school putting up barbed wire around it with armed guards protecting them. Isn't that sad that these children can't even safely go to school? Breaks my heart. And they gave away lots of candy, piggy back rides, and Evan even gave away his beloved UT hat (*tear). He says next time, he will bring shoes.
And this hubby of mine is also now a volunteer firefighter! While I did not enjoy the hours of him being away from home while training, I am sure proud of him. And not to mention, he looks super awesome in the uniform ;)
My sweet love does so much for me on a daily basis - I'm so proud and thankful for him and I just don't say it enough.


dresses Audrey everyday while I get ready
gets her ready in her carseat and carries her out the door
when I return home, he hears the garage door open and comes to get her out of the car
changes lots of dirty diapers
sings (and raps) to Audrey
makes us laugh
is cute in gym shorts
cooks more than I do
provides for our family
is handy around the house
pays me lots of attention
surprises me with goodies
is ambitious
lets me nap on the weekends
always wants me to be happy
Loves me
Loves Audrey

I love you with all my heart sweet Evan. Thank you.

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